Alice in Wonderland Slot Coughs Up Big Win

An online jackpot win will spoil a mom of three this Christmas with $141,415 from her big jackpot win. Lady Luck smiled on Jess as she played Alice in Wonderland on her iPad after the kids had gone to bed. In addition to going on a Christmas shopping spree, the winner plans to invest some of her winnings in cryptocurrencies. “Every time is a good time to hit the jackpot,” said Michael Hilary, casino manager at the site in question. “But just before Christmas – wow!”. With casino games real money wins are possible for all. Much like lotteries and the like, someone has to win!

 Graphic designer Jess has won lots of small prizes over the years at the online casino, but this is much more than she has ever won before.

With her winnings, she really wanted to spoil her entire family at Christmas with presents. As she is a mom of three there’s a lot to buy so her jackpot definitely came at the perfect time. She will also invest more in crypto as she is excited about having some savings.

 Jess hadn’t told many people about the win, only her husband and her mom knew, she had told her kids that she had won a big prize but they are too young to comprehend it.

Alice In Wonderland (the slot she had won her big win on) is her all-time favourite online casinos game to play. The Halloween version of the game is also one of her favourites.

Alice In Wonderland Video Slot

 There are a lot of familiar characters in the Alice in Wonderland video slot. The Scatter “Alice” icon triggers up to fifteen Free Spins, during which the winnings are multiplied by the “Cake” icon. Throwing the Mad Hatter’s hat onto another symbol will make it change. There are two expanding Wild icons called Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Playing Grand Liberty slots, Sally F, a long-time VIP, won $240,798 in August as part a shared progressive jackpot.