Bryce Carlson

Bryce Carlson is the pen name for one of the most successful professional Blackjack players. His strategies were less useless for online blackjack real money, but moreso the bricks and mortar variety. His book Blackjack for Blood is known as the card counters bible, and it’s a must-read for serious players. Bryce Carlson started his Blackjack career over 50 years ago and mastered the game by exchanging tips with many Blackjack top players. After reading Thorp’s classic Beat The Dealer, he became interested in the game, and his drive was beating casinos at their own game. Carlson has four blackjack players who have influenced him and who he regards as the greatest in the industry: Ed Thorp, Lawrence Revere, Kenny Uston and Peter Griffin, all teaching him the basic skills of becoming one of the best blackjack players.

Carlson’s Blackjack Strategies

Over time Carlson became a specialist in all aspects of Blackjack. Moreover, he mastered card counting and perfected the art of playing in a team. Bryce gained a lot of knowledge from reading many books, and he had experience in playing online, which was an advantage he had over many of the other players. As already stated, this ie more an ‘offline’ strategy rather than applicable to casinos en ligne france. Carlson also considers camouflage to be his most important area in Blackjack. What does he mean by camouflage? Camouflage is a strategy developed by many professional Blackjack players helping them stay under the radar by appearing to be a recreational player because casinos don’t like players who may land up, costing them substantial amounts of money. Camouflage is knowing when to win and which hands to sacrifice to keep your edge over the house.


Bryce Carlson is one of the most famous Blackjack players globally, yet he has remained a reasonably mysterious figure in the gambling industry despite his notoriety. Carlson still plays Blackjack; however, it’s usually under a pseudonym to avoid attention as he puts his blackjack strategies to the test at his convenience.