Casino Tracks down Big Winner

This is one of the most heart-warming stories about a casino going above and beyond to ensure their jackpot winner got what was owed to him. We’re all surely looking for the best paying casino online, but this story involves an offline win, and the lengths gone to reward a winner.

The lucky winner of Treasure Island Hotel & Casino’s slot machine that had glitched, walked away unaware he had won a huge sum of money last month. NVGCB enforcement chief James Taylor (no relation to the winner) says it took weeks for police to find him and award him his prize.

During his play of The Mask slot machine on Jan. 8, Arizona resident Robert Taylor experienced a glitch.

In the end, he walked out of there with about $40. His remaining credit and a few extra dollars were paid out for his troubles, he added. They realised that He hit a progressive jackpot of $229,368.52 US ($290,644.32 Cdn) when the machine was fixed.

After Treasure Island requested help from the Nevada Gaming Control Board, a 20-day search and hundreds of hours of surveillance footage were needed. Taylor said he wasn’t able to use legal methods like subpoenas because he didn’t know who the winner was or where he came from.

In addition to the clothes he wore and the people in his company, they also had to go by the part of his face that wasn’t covered in a mask to search for him. Eventually, investigators observed someone matching the winner’s description get into a vehicle after viewing surveillance footage around the casino and hotel. Their eureka moment came when they realized he’d taken an Uber, and then they could identify the group of people they’d been watching on video.

The investigators contacted the ride-hailing company to inform the winner and his family. At first, Taylor says, the winner was sceptical, but he appreciated the efforts that his agents had made to identify him. On February 5, Robert Taylor and his family returned to Vegas, where Treasure Island Hotel & Casino presented them with the ceremonial check. This of course wouldn’t tend to happen with real money online slots, as the win would be awarded there and then, but how sweet that with this ‘offline’ win they went the extra mile to track down the winner.